Back Office Management and Stock Control

For some Stock Control is a matter or re-ordering when a shelf is nearly empty for others it is an art or a science. If you want to minimise wastage, manage order levels and improve your bottom line, accuracy is the key and great for Customer Service too; especially with short runs of ‘Specials’.

You can go as far as managing exact quantities of ingredients in a recipe, accurately calculating costs and profit margins on each dish as well as update quantities or prices at any time or from any location.

Combining this with over 300 reporting options and powerful analytics, determine seasonal top sellers, peak times, key staff, cost management, re-ordering, suppliers, sales analysis etc. etc.

Key Features

  • Real time stock information
  • Dashboard style launch screen
  • Recipe & cost management
  • Automated or Suggested re-ordering and Purchase order creation
  • Stock Take Variance reporting
  • Wastage recording
  • Live up to date information
  • Fully web based (no software to install)
  • Price changes at a single or multi-site level
  • Remote access and management from any device
  • Financial data analysis and reporting across multiple sites or menus
  • Secure encrypted cloud hosting
  • Off-site back up

EPOSENSE® Key Product Features

Kitchen Screen

Offline Mode

Set Menus

Driver Tracking

Plug & Play

Loyalty Systems

Table Management

Recipe Cards

Caller ID

Timed Menus

Stock Control

Allergen Alerts

Cloud Based

Online Ordering

Analytic Reports

Software & Service Integration

  • sage
  • Uber eats
  • Just Eat
  • Gloria food
  • Fourth
  • deliveroo

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