Benefits of Integration

The ecosystem of customer and staff interactions, mobile applications, services, payment methods, software platforms and web data that surrounds your business and how it interacts with your EPOS is far more important than all the nice to have system features.

What do we mean by this?

If your business is a Takeaway or Restaurant do you work with Just Eat, UberEats or Deliveroo?

Would you prefer all of their sales to be fed directly into your EPOS rather than spew out all over the place as a receipt from a thermal printer, or the hassle and cost of re-keying orders to transfer to a kitchen or record for stock control?

If you take online reservations via your website or through a third-party portal wouldn’t you rather have these allocated to your table management; within your EPOS than fill up an email inbox or be stuck on a mobile app; or worse still, scribbled down next to a phone?

Integration with other software using API’s (Application Programming Interface) is essentially programs borrowing and using each other’s functionality and data and little bits of code allowing the whole process to work. Minimising duplication of data is the real key and seamless flow.

Of course, e-commerce is important too even in hospitality; whether sale of merchandise, cooking master classes and cocktail experiences or themed events … we can integrate with all the leading platforms as well as many mobile apps.

EPOSENSE® Key Product Features

Software & Service Integration

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