CHANGE IS THE (NEW) NORM It is happening faster and faster…


Everyone seemed to hate change or were certainly reluctant to adopt it, now it is almost possibly the accepted norm?

Certainly, for anyone under 35, or those who have had their entire working life disrupted by the digital age; or even go back as far as 1986 and the City of London financial deregulation known as the ‘Big Bang’ … HUGE change!

25 years ago, the Internet, email and World Wide Web really changed our lives forever.

Now online shopping has almost decimated the high street. We have the convenience of same day deliveries of almost anything we choose to buy.

17 years ago, ignoring bulletin boards, messenger services and chat rooms, Myspace kicked off the Social Media revolution in 2003; closely followed by Facebook, Flickr and Twitter; Instagram & Pinterest took a few more years. 

Some platforms continue to grow whilst others have morphed into something else, been swallowed up or just faded or died.

The most recent (2016) and really taking hold among the younger ‘Smartphone Generation’ is the Chinese owned, short form mobile video-sharing service Tik Tok.

13 years ago, saw the biggest driver of technological change in recent years; the launch of the first iPhone and now ubiquitous Smartphones or similar Smart devices including watches are everywhere. Fingerprint and Facial recognition used to be the preserve of Hollywood movies, now it is in our pocket.

During the Internet age; in manufacturing the use of robots doing repetitive tasks became the accepted best practice and norm. Now spreading to use in complex surgeries.

Will Artificial Intelligence or AI be as readily accepted? 

The answer is yes; as it is already here, being used to model and compute the best outcomes for many things; including the algorithms that helped you get here. 

Think about the Natural Language processing within text, messaging and Google mail, so much better than the early predictive text or hilarious outcomes of auto correct.

Convenience, speed and ease of use is driving everything; Deliveroo was only founded seven years ago, one of the ‘Sharing Economy’ success stories another is Airbnb, almost immediate household names with very little apparent ‘traditional’ marketing.

Will historians of the (near) future look back on the pre- (desktop/laptop) computing decades of the late 20th century as complete Luddites; or a quaint nostalgic view of simpler and slower times?

Many now struggle every day in finding the balance of non-connected mobile screen time, 24/7 emails and constant updates, others cannot live without this information noise.

If you are looking to drive change within your business, respond to or even get in front of the ‘next big thing’ within hospitality, talk to our specialists.

Could it be Augmented Reality or Facial Recognition in Bars or something simpler?

Possibly an AI ‘killer’ must have app that can detect your mood, find you a new bar and order your drink, whilst inviting your friends to join you after work on a Friday!?