Kitchen Screen


EPOSENSE Kitchen Screen

An alternative to, or addition to a Kitchen Printer

Kitchen Screen and Order Management System, is designed to help your Kitchen run smoothly, even at the busiest times.

Simplify and speed up communication between front of house servers and kitchen staff.

Orders entered into Eposense are displayed on your Kitchen Screen, whether from table-side tablets or counter displays.

Order Management System prioritises dishes, shows wait time, status, completed elements and table number.

Improved efficiency, better staff morale, happier customers, increased profits and fewer mistakes.


Key Features

Effective order management including ‘Head Chef’ batch grouping

EPOSENSE orders transferred directly, faster and with reduced errors.

Tickets at a glance on a 15” screen or larger, rather than multiple printer receipts.

Items, quantities, modifiers, item and ticket notes and comments – everything on one screen.

Customised sound notifications.

Traffic light colours indicate wait time.

Easy order recall as necessary.

Mark orders as completed with a single touch.

Less paper, less mess and fewer mistakes and less wastage.

Greener option and lower cost over time.

Straight-forward user interface which requires no training.

Seamless installation, if using available ethernet network.


Cost Saving

If you use one to two thermal print rolls a day in a kitchen, your Kitchen Screen and Order Management System will be paid for in less than a year.

Quicker still, if you include reduced mistakes, wastage as well as efficiency gains, improvements in customer service and better staff morale.