Stock Control


There are several ways items can be counted, measured and displayed within EPOSENSE.

At a Glance

Chosen items can display a countdown of quantities, for example on the day Specials or limited run Guest Ales, when sold out they will be ‘greyed out’ and not available showing a zero.

if the system is primarily Hospitality, no back orders or negative quantities will be available.


Detailed ~ Back Office

Choosing how in depth you want to go, is up to you. 
One of the next EPOSENSE updates will take certain systems to the level of individual dish ingredients or key components.

For now we recommend including:

Purchase price
Unit Cost
Shelf Life
Expiry date
Retail Price
VAT status
Per serving size
Unit measurement

When combined with the reporting and Data Analytics a very powerful and insightful tool.

Key Benefits

Reduce over stocking

Minimise out of date food and drink wastage

Reduce shrinkage

Streamline stock ordering

Less time on frequent stock takes

Know what is selling

Take advantage of supplier Special offers

Manage your discounts & promotions

Focus on highest margins or quick sellers

Have sufficient stock of high turnover items

Manage delivery lead times

Informed purchasing decisions

Historical and current data comparisons