EPOSENSE® System Features

Web-based technology

EPOSENSE® is web-based software, which means it is very familiar to all users; like a Smartphone or any Website. It is quick, easy to use, accessible from any Internet device, employs secure encryption, flexible and can be integrated with many other online applications.EPOSENSE® was initially designed for use in Hospitality, but this has been expanded to Retail and Education and for use with Ecommerce websites too.

EPOSENSE® is fully configurable, allowing our development team as well as main partners and semi-skilled users to build a complete truly bespoke ‘Business Operating System’ that can sit at the heart of a very connected and integrated EPOS Ecosystem.
A cut down true mobile app version of EPOSENSE® is in development and has an imminent release date, will also function as a back office development interface for any user.
EPOSENSE® is currently developing self-service screen interfaces for our customers who want to take advantage of this technology.

EPOSENSE Key Product Features

EPOSENSE® Hybrid (Offline Capability)

Server-less Offline Mode as a Benefit

Specifically, for users who cannot access the Internet or Cloud servers or don’t depend on live Back Office reporting and Stock Control or just don’t have a regular Internet connection in their location.

If they do need to provide and receive updated system information; for example, gate receipts at a Castle, a daily or weekly connection to a Wi-Fi Hotspot is enough to make the connection and provide updates.

EPOSENSE® can operate in server-less – Offline mode, but there are limitations to system reporting, or the most up-to-date stock figures; limited reports from the inbuilt system are available but localised; however any local price modifications, sales transaction history will not be finalised until the next connection to the Internet and the Cloud servers.


Occasional Server-less Offline Mode as a Back-up

Sometimes Broadband or Wi-Fi just doesn’t work, is inconsistent and other permanent networking options are simply not practical; or are cost prohibitive.

If that happens EPOSENSE® can operate in server-less Offline mode, until the system has a connection and can upload once again to the Cloud servers.

One of our favoured solution in busy nightclubs; where competition for network resources and bandwidth from other systems including CCTV, Lighting, Sound & Video, Public Wi-Fi and Payment devices can all contribute to a fair amount of network traffic and interference, having an occasional offline mode as a standby or safety net is a must.

Also ensures the EPOS system can operate at maximum efficiency without reliance on Internet Bandwidth.

Providing a smooth running of your business with no interruption or delays!

Once connected again, either manually or automatically the files will be sent to the cloud updating your reports.


Always Connected Cloud Mode

EPOSENSE® performs best with full features and live Back Office when counter or main screens and printers are networked and connected to the Internet; tablets or other mobile devices run separately within secure private Wi-Fi coverage.

This provides quick access to Cloud servers, live reporting, remote networked devices such as printers and kitchen screens; connects multi-sites and even multiple suppliers, integrated applications or business partner locations.

Cloud Based


Data / System availability

Access data anytime, with any Internet connected device.

For example, you can access the EPOSENSE Back Office with your Smartphone and change a User or a Product item or price or Stock Quantities without the need to update individual systems or be present on site.

Also update multiple systems for multiple sites if needed, using common pricing.


The best Cloud-based POS systems are hardware independent; this intuitive software is designed to run on Android, Apple or PC devices.  Android being the most cost effective of them all.

Business owners can also benefit from a subscription-based pricing model for their software use.


Power spikes and outages, floods, spills, hardware failures or theft.  These happen more regularly than you would think.

Systems can be retrieved and restored almost immediately from the Cloud with data backed-up continually.

No need to worry about backing up data or losing it in the event of a power outage or hardware malfunction. Another big benefit of cloud-based systems is that they also allow for advanced security measures such as encryption to protect data from viruses and breaches.


Benefit from automatic updates and the latest new features.  No need to purchase the latest software upgrades to access the newest features, as these are included in the service or subscription.

Also no downtime, updating individual till systems, as you would do with a non-cloud-based system.