Kitchen Order Management

EPOSENSE®’s Kitchen Order Manager delivers clear concise instructions to kitchen staff via a simple easy to Touchscreen display or wall mounted touch screen that displays multiple orders.

By replacing your kitchen printer to a Kitchen Order Manager, you can speed up service delivery, reduce errors and avoid missed orders. With no more consumables like paper rolls to replace you will also cut costs and time.

Whilst printers have traditionally been the best option, Kitchen Screens have developed in the casual dining and Takeaway space to provide valuable tools to the modern restaurateur to streamline their business.

Key Features for Kitchen Management include:

Ability to colour code and highlight long service times

Provide audible and visual alerts and countdown

View summary of current orders open by item and quantity

Live real time reporting

Define preparation time to manage service delivery

Update Front of House staff with out of stock items

Process orders from all sources including online, restaurant and takeaway



EPOSENSE® Key Product Features

Software & Service Integration

  • sage
  • Uber eats
  • Just Eat
  • Gloria food
  • Fourth
  • deliveroo

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