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EPOS systems have gone from merely a tool to record sales transactions to a robust platform in just a few years, essentially an Operating System for your business, one that can integrate your marketing, stock and staffing, accounting and data analytics. Its evolution isn’t slowing down either.

Not only do we have a system for the Hospitality Sector; but one that its core functionality and features are squarely aimed at specific areas within the sector and cater for all sizes from the smallest vendor within a Food Hall to the largest University Campus.


EPOSENSE™ fast cloud service and unique web technology allowing integration across multiple devices; platforms and systems enabling you to get the best for your business. Linking to self-service, ticketing, loyalty, payment integration, websites and mobile apps; but it doesn’t stop there. With integration into gift shops, restaurants, turnstile gates and other licensed retailers and vendors this license is perfect for attraction-based customers.
EPOSENSE™ in its many forms already has this capability and just requires connecting and configuration. (See Features)


EPOSENSE™ is designed not only to empower the most inexperienced member of staff with additional information, such as Cocktail Recipes and instructions; as well as provide detailed descriptions of wine lists too. It is also designed to help reduce wastage from mistakes; increase sales, increase number of drinks poured per hour at busy times too; by cutting down your wait times with quicker checkout sales.
Inform, provide more choice, deliver on customer satisfaction and service, including table service and easy tab management. (See Features)


Want to make sure you get the best out of business?
EPOSENSE™ offers a range of platforms to enable you to appeal to your customer base but also to improve your sales.
Our breakfast or lunch eat in and collection mode enables customers to select if they will be eating in or or on the go, whilst your staff can ensure the order is packaged or plated correctly; more importantly ensures the VAT is properly allocated and accounted for. We can include a selection of meal deals too or timed menus.

Running a smaller business does not mean you have to compromise; with EPOSENSE™ you can run three, even four or five businesses in a day.

For example, Breakfast eat in and Collection, Morning Coffee, Lunchtime eat in and Collection, Afternoon Tea and night-time Bistro or Takeaway and Delivery service.

With many menu options and functionality; all  linked to different online ordering systems with reporting and stock control; as well as analytics to highlight the most profitable menus, favourite items and busiest times or quietest days. (See Features)


Similar to Attractions, EPOSENSE™ is designed to be modular, as well as functional.

With its many add ons and different ‘business structures’ you can easily link your cafeteria to your retailers, library and gym memberships or other useful services and mobile apps. Ensuring you have an entire overview of your college campus from a reporting perspective as well as removing the headache of having multiple supported systems, multiple vendors and multiple support costs.

EPOSENSE™ ensures all information is accessible from any device as well as integration, bursary management we also offer integration for students, visitors, academic and administration staff
(See Features)


EPOSENSE™ covers all and more in the world of event planning. Ranging from Pop-up restaurants to wedding services our system is equipped for the job. Linking in the food service, drinks service and table planning we can ensure the day runs smoothly without hiccups. Whether its full table layout listed with customers who have allergies to just know where the Birthday person will sit! Counter screens are also available to stop queues and tablets to help your staff in busy environments.


Membership based clubs and organisations are essential parts of the social and sporting side of the hospitality sector, it has always been a priority to ensure we have developed one of the most flexible membership EPOS systems for our customers. Specifically designed; we have taken the booking and events elements and modules and merged these into the bar, restaurant and retail environment from this designed module.  In addition, we can integrate into other systems whether Scoring and National Handicaps systems or membership pages for gym members at multiple sites.


EPOSENSE™ is designed not only to empower the most inexperienced member of staff, with additional information; such as Cocktail Recipes and instructions, as well as provide detailed descriptions of wine lists too.

It is also designed to help reduce wastage from mistakes, increase sales, also increase number of drinks poured per hour at busy times too. Inform, provide more choice; deliver on customer satisfaction and service, including table service and easy tab management.

Where EPOSENSE™ really comes into its own is not just the menu system design; also the capability to deliver timed promotions and live reports; for owners and promoters, including different prices and rates for drinks brands at varying times, days and even rooms within a nightclub. (See Features)


Restaurants vary hugely; each has a unique set of requirements, owners and managers wish their till software could achieve.

‘Out of the box’ solutions are okay for some and the decision is usually either based on price or Simply unaware that bespoke or configured systems are also available for a very similar overall cost.

So, many of these restaurants are left unfulfilled, with a system that does not meet their needs or all of their essential requirements.

EPOSENSE™ has worked with restaurant owners, almost as lead developers and testers; as well as industry consultants, developing additional features and levels of integration that many other systems do not include or if they do charge a small fortune for.

Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, or a food hall with a wide and varied, yet shared dining experience we believe we can find a solution perfect for you.

Empowering your staff with the knowledge of cocktail recipes, wine list descriptions, allergens and ingredient lists for specials and their availability ensuring your customers gets the best experience and not left waiting for a response.

With multi-site locations, live reports are perfect to get a detailed analysis or even a snapshot of how each business is performing.

Multiple features from detailed stock control with on-demand supplier ordering, self service options and even reports tracking new items you will ensure your restaurant never goes without whilst concentrating on dishes that people enjoy and have the best possible profit margins.

Configurable table booking system, Accounts integration, mobile device ordering to an innovative Kitchen Management screen, ensuring your kitchen staff remain capable of completing orders quickly and efficiently.

(See Features)


EPOSENSE™ has not been released yet for the Retail sector and is undergoing final testing, quality assurance, system and integration tests, in particular with a wide range of scanners and other devices with a chosen few clients whose feedback is extremely positive.

We expect an initial release in the next few weeks so watch this space.

EPOSENSE™ really is the EPOS system for you if you want your till to integrate with other online ordering applications.

Do you rely on Just Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo for your sales and deliveries? At what cost to your business?
Are these orders entered into your own EPOS system? If so, automatically, manually or never?

Do you have your own online ordering through your own website or mobile application? Is this integrated into your EPOS?

All of this is possible for a few pounds per week, in addition we can configure EPOSENSE enabling your business to provide timed collection services as well as self-service screens to reduce queues, in addition and using levels of Artificial Intelligence; we can optimise, manage your deliveries and drivers throughout each shift.  Along with the staffing and stock control.

Do you want to reduce costs?
Increase orders?
Improve on loyalty?

Then EPOSENSE™ is the perfect solution for you.