Cashless Payment Options

The UK is one of the highest users of Cashless Payments, whether it is (EMV) Chip & Pin, Debit or Credit Cards or other online Payment Mechanisms such as Stripe, PayPal or Mobile payment (NFC) like Apple or Google Pay.

Cashless Payment Options

Near field communication (NFC) is associated with mobile contactless payments like Apple Pay. EMV® — developed and managed by American Express,Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa — is associated with chip and PIN card payments.

It isn’t a matter of one or the other, though, so long as your business is equipped with a suitable POS and reader you can take all payment method your customers wish to use.

NFC is tied to Smartphone Fingerprint Identification and Authorisation. NFC transactions are much faster than EMV transactions—they take just seconds. And as people have started to realise that contactless is the faster, easier alternative to chip and PIN cards, they’ve adopted the contactless way of life.

The speed of NFC transactions is a huge plus for businesses. After all, fast transactions mean more sales.

Cashless is key to Kiosk and Self-Serve systems.

With so many PDQ and Merchant options, Integration is usually upon request. All PCI Compliant.

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