We are a provider of innovating software solutions, enabling small to medium businesses access to the latest technology and marketing tools. Our cloud-based modular systems can be tailored to your individual needs, in order to create opportunities for businesses to grow.
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Whether you are growing your business further or just startup, we always recommend a well-structured plan of action before diving into a new venture. We are here to ensure that your entire journey consists of a crystal clear view, and to guide you away from potential shark infested waters. Our bespoke software solutions have been carefully crafted to help you carry out effective marketing strategies and set easily attainable benchmarks. Our flexible and contract free plans allow YOU to be in the driver’s seat at all times. Register your interests today.

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EPOSENSE takes pride in providing elite solutions without needing to ‘break the bank’. We believe in achieving our goal of being a leading supplier of modern Cloud Based Marketing solutions. There are a number of good reasons why our services and resources should be adapted to any and all business types.

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Affordable prices & installation fees

30 days roll over contract

Upgrade or cancel modules at anytime

Fast & easy system to administrate

Modern cloud based technology

Ongoing innovations and updates

Reliable technical and customer support

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